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I am Mike Howard, former Chief Security Officer (CSO) at Microsoft for 16 years, with previous careers at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for 22 years and in my youth, a few years with the Oakland, California Police Department.

My wife and I are recently retired and have moved to the Las Vegas area.


I am the author of the books, The Art of Ronin Leadership and the Art of Executing Ronin Leadership Strategies. The premise of my book is that no matter how successful you have been or are as a leader, you are never finished with your leadership journey. 

You have to forge your own path to leadership to become truly “masterless” in leadership acumen.  My books also stress the importance of being selfless in your leadership style and actions. Your team comes; first, and you come second!

I have committed myself to lifelong learning so that I can continue to hone my leadership skills.

I have also recently published my first fiction novel “Full Circle – A Jack Trench Thriller which is the 

first of a series.

Education, Associations, and Affiliations

President, Howard Consulting Services, LLC

16 Years at Microsoft – Chief Security Officer – CSO
22 Years at the Central Intelligence Agency as an Operations Officer
2 Years as a Police Officer – Oakland, California
BS – Criminal Justice/Sociology – San Jose State University – 1980
Martial Arts Expertise – Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, Aikido
Married – One step-daughter

International Security Management Association (ISMA) Board of Directors, Past President.

U.S State Dept. Overseas Advisory Council (OSAC) – Former Chair of the Fostering Innovation (Technology) 

Past member -Security Industry Association Board of Directors as of 2011 -2018

ASIS CSO Roundtable Advisory Board – 2012 – Past President of CSO Roundtable Advisory Board

Regularly asked to speak on Security and Leadership Issues

Mentors and Coaches Leaders

A ronin leader hungers to become a better leader all the time.

Mike Howard


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