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Mike Howard’s Transformational Books

The Art of Ronin Leadership

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The Art of Executing Ronin Leadership Strategies

Do you want sustained success?
Are you ready to become a Ronin leader?

To achieve Ronin leadership, you learn, grow, and eventually forge your own path to becoming a leader. You will always be learning, but in the end, you will be masterless. Leadership is about a journey that takes your conscious willingness to want to be a leader, not a manager. A selfless one.

The Art of Executing Ronin Leadership Strategies – Planning. Alignment. Continuous Improvement is about:

• How to implement the various aspects of Rönin Leadership.

• The tangible and concrete steps for you to become an effective leader.

Ronin Leaders invest in EQ training as a crucial foundation for building effective teams. Ronin Leaders encourage honest, transparent, and rigorous debate on strategic business matters to come to the right decision for their organization and teams.

Ronin Leaders encourage the hard discussions that get to the heart of a business matter. In fact, they thrive on this. Ronin Leaders know to build teams to last, they must be honest with themselves regarding their strengths and weaknesses. Ronin Leaders must encourage and demand the same from teammates.

The Art of Executing Ronin Leadership Strategies – Planning. Alignment. Continuous Improvement delivers the tactics and plans that The Art of Ronin Leadership first revealed. It is not just a road map that readers wanted, but a “how to” book to implement the sage wisdom of leadership expert Mike Howard.


Full Circle: A Jack Trench Thriller

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Blood Promise: A Jack Trench Thriller

Retired CIA counterterrorist operator, Jack Trench was brought back into the spy game in "Full Circle." After two members of his former counterterrorist team - known as The Watchers - were attacked by an enemy they thought they had defeated long ago, Trench was brought back in by the CIA to help find the killers, A global manhunt led Trench and his team to the Philippines where they eventually tracked and killed the terrorists who attacked them. All was right in the world again. Or so, Trench thought.

A phone call from a woman Trench hasn't seen in decades again brings Trench out of retirement. The woman, a former lover, tells Trench that her daughter has been kidnapped in Africa. Trench is the only one she knows who can find and rescue her daughter.

Trench is reluctant, but he knows he must do the right thing. Especially when he learns that the kidnapped woman is his daughter. A daughter he never knew he had.

Now once again, Trench and his Watcher team must saddle up to do battle. But unlike in the past, they must do so without the help of the CIA. This is personal. And they are up against a murderous human trafficking and drug smuggling organization. An organization led by a smart and cruel criminal mastermind named Mnisi. Mnisi has money and the guns to back up his operation. But he has never met up with a man like Trench and his Watchers. who are the most deadly counterterrorist force the world has ever seen. Together, they will go to hell or high water to find Trench's kidnapped daughter. Or they will die trying. Because one thing is for sure.

When Jack Trench makes a Blood Promise, nothing will stop him.

This is the second book in the Jack Trench Thriller series.



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