Mike Howard's Transformational New Book 

The Art of Ronin Leadership

The Art of Ronin Leadership is about the path you create to become a selfless and masterless leader. It is an entirely different way of thinking about leadership. It is not about you, It is about your team. 

It is not about being selfish, but being selfless to those you lead and serve. It is about not being afraid to make or admit mistakes. 

It is about learning from others better than you at leadership and then forging your own path to leadership excellence. 


It is about becoming a Ronin Leader. 

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The Art of Executing Ronin Leadership Strategies

Coming Soon Summer 2022

Are You a Selfless Leader … or a Selfish One? Leadership … is the word overused? Misused? Or is it misunderstood? Most books on leadership claim they have a secret … on what leadership is and how to be a great leader; how to be an influencer;

a workplace-changing leader.


Rarely do they—most merely echo talking the walk they’ve heard from others. Author Mike Howard talks about his walk … the Rōnin walk with what his 16 years with Microsoft as its Chief Security Officer, 22 years with the CIA, and serving as a young police officer in the Oakland Police Department generated. One that revealed the path and art of leadership for tomorrow’s leaders.


The Art of Rōnin Leadership is about:-tomorrow’s new strategy of leadership that should be today’s;-the execution of it with teams; and-the momentum of what sustained success generates.


The Art of Rōnin Leadership is about the path you take to become a leader—an entirely different way of thinking than merely fixing what is not working or doing better at what has always been done.


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