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"Mike Howard Has Made A Significant Global Impact Through His Keynote Speaking And Industry Engagements About Ronin Leadership, Global Security, And Enterprise Risk"


Mike Howard is an accomplished speaker having given speeches on leadership, enterprise risk, digital transformation, and how to get a seat at the table with the C Suite for corporate security leaders. His expertise transcends the security industry and is applicable in every facet of business. Mike will provide you and your teams with leadership roadmaps and strategies for building impactful and selfless leaders in your enterprise. 




The Art of Ronin Leadership

Mike Howard details his leadership journey spanning 40 years of work in the law enforcement, intelligence and corporate security fields. Mike worked in the Oakland (CA) Police Department as a young rookie police officer in the late 1970’s, moved on to a 22 year career as an Operations Officer (spy) for the Central Intelligence Agency, and capped off his action packed career as the Chief Security Officer at the Microsoft Corporation, running the physical security for the entire company.

Through the lens of these various and challenging experiences, Mike details how he formulated his concept of “Ronin Leadership.” A leadership  style that emphasizes being selfless, thinking of your team first, and you second, and being humble no matter how successful you are. Mike’s own journey took him from being a police officer in Oakland, in charge of no one but himself, to successfully running global operations at both CIA and Microsoft.







Audience Take-Aways:

  • This book will provide the reader with the tools and strategies to propel them to new heights in their own leadership journey

  • They will learn to maximize their ability to” Strategize, Execute and experience Sustained Success,”

  • They will learn the meaning of selfless leadership and how to implement that style of leadership effectively in their enterprises

  • They will understand and learn the value of mentoring and being mentored

Security and Risk in the Global Community

There are more emerging and ongoing global threats and risks to enterprises than over before.  These risks include:  Cyber Crime and Cyber Terrorism, Conventional Terrorism, Pandemics, Geopolitical Unrest, Climate Change, Global Poverty and Hunger, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Active Shooter Situations and Global Crime. 

The security and risk community must ensure they and their enterprises they protect are resilient and prepared to handle and mitigate any or all of these risks.

Audience Take Away:

  • They will learn how to identify the major risks to their enterprises and plan strategically to proactively address these threats.

  • They will learn that the key is preparedness above and beyond a proper response to a security or risk incident

  • They will learn how to build resilient and effective organizations and how to recruit the best security and risk people available to drive your programs

  • They will learn how to partner effectively with other verticals in an enterprise who may have a piece of the enterprise risk pie and how this helps ensure a holistic approach to risk

How to Evolve from Guns, Guards, and Gates to a Player and a Seat at the Table

In the security world, the term “Guns, Guards and Gates” refers to the perception of an enterprise that its corporate security group is only good for the basic duties of security and keeping employees and buildings safe.  While this is an important function of any corporate security group, the security and risk world must not be defined like this.  Corporate Security entities have fought this perception in their companies for years, some with success but many with no success.  Success in changing the perception of security and risk groups from Guns, Guards and Gates to being perceived as an integral part of an enterprise’s business is essential. Without a seat at the table and the support of the C Suite, security and risk entities cannot get budget for their programs and strategies and will never be considered a core part of the enterprise

Audience Takeaway:

  • They will learn why it is vitally important for corporate risk and security groups to have a seat at the table and not be thought of Guns, Guards and Gates.

  • They will learn how to formulate effective strategies for combatting this perception and how to be perceived as true business enablers to the enterprise.

  • They will understand the importance of this to a security and risk group’s morale and how this is vitally important from a leadership perspective

  • They will learn practical strategies for aligning with influencers in an enterprise and how to show the value add of a security and risk group to the company

  • They will learn to dissect their own organizations and see what parts of that organization can potentially be a profit-making entity for a company, helping them to get away from the Guns, Guards and Gates mentality.

  • They will also learn how to effectively quantify their value add to an enterprise putting them in line with other profit making verticals in the company

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Mike Howard and I had occasion to work in different groups within the Central Intelligence Agency. Even then, Mike had the reputation of being a dedicated and hard-working employee who was destined to succeed.


That reputation was absolutely warranted by Mike's exemplary career in government service, followed by another exemplary career in the private sector.


Mike is a mentor to many, many, people, and he never hesitates to provide his time to assist others. Mike Howard is a man of the highest personal and professional integrity and he is a true patriot

David P. Frizell, Jr., CFE

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