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Reflections of a Lifelong Learner

Updated: May 2, 2021

For those who don’t know me, I am Mike Howard, former Chief Security Officer (CSO) at Microsoft for 16 years, with previous careers at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for 22 years and in my youth, a few years with the Oakland, California Police Department.

My wife and I are recently retired and have moved to the Las Vegas area.

I have always had a burning desire to write (that Pulitzer Prize winning novel is somewhere in my brain – or at least I can dream about that!) I have followed many bloggers over the years, especially in the area of leadership which is a passion for me. For instance, I follow a wonderful leadership blog called “The Leadership Freak” which is written by a good friend of mine, Dan Rockwell.

I am now sticking my toes into the world of blogging myself.

The premise is that no matter how successful you have been and are as a leader, you are never there. You are constantly learning, or you should be. Once you start to believe your own press and BS, that is the beginning of the end of you as an effective leader. I think I have had a very remarkable journey as a leader, both at Microsoft and at the CIA. But Lord knows, I have made my share of mistakes (more to come on that in future blogs!)

I have committed myself to lifelong learning so that I can continue to hone my leadership skills. I want to learn from all of you as well who are all leaders in your own right. Let’s do this together. I am honored to be able to share whatever insights and experiences I have had in the leadership arena, with all of you. Let’s do this………!!

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